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Creating A Christmas Memory Book
Written by Wannabe
This is something you can make before Christmas so it is ready when family and friends come over. You can use this format to make memory books for any occasion. Doing it year after year, you will find alternative ways to decorate the pages, and family and friends will find creative things to write in your books.

You will need: Scrapbook 5x8 size works best Pens in different colours Camera with film & flash Selection of seasonal stickers or stamps Selection of seasonal paper Glue, scissors, ruler

1) Use your imagination and create a colourful cover marking Christmas and the year. You can personalize it as well with your name too.

2) On the first page of the book, write a memorable statement in regards to you Christmas Memory Book.

3) Turn the page, you now have a left and right side that are currently empty.

4) On the left side, make a frame the size of the page from the seasonal paper leaving a hole in the center to fit a photograph. If you usually have 4x6 photos make the opening 31/2 x 51/2.

5) Glue or tape the frame on the left side of the page leaving the top open to insert the picture.

6) Make each page on the left side a different frame with the paper you have.

7) When you get together with family and friends take pictures of them. Then ask them to write something on the right side of the page. Give them options of what to write if they can’t think of anything.

8) Provide them with stickers, or stamps so they can decorate their page to match their personality.

9) Take your film in for developing and then insert the photo from each person to the left of what they wrote on the right side.

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