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*Bullet* The Shabby Chic of Scrapbooking : Shabby Chic by definition is showing signs of wear and tear but with class and style.

*Bullet* Creating A Christmas Memory Book : How to make your own memory book for Christmas or any other occassion.

*Bullet* History Of Scrapbooking : An article about the history of scrapbooking.

*Bullet* Leaving Legacies through Scrapbooking : Scrapbooking is more than just a picture album; it’s a way to tell your story through photographs and journaling.

*Bullet* Scrap or Not Scrap-That is the Question! : Tips and tricks on what to use and more!

*Bullet* A Quick-Start Guide to Scrapbooking : Handy supplies to purchase when starting scrapbooking.

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